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If you can help us with a photo of any of the crews, either casualties or survivors, please can you contact our Photo Archivist, Gary Martin at the following email address: garymartin717@btinternet.com

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Located in the historical Devonport Dockyard, this is a wonderful facility for all those interested in the Naval History associated with Devonport. For GLARAC members, the centre is currently developing a section dedicated to Glorious, Ardent & Acasta, built around osme wonderful personal uniform possessions and artefacts that belonged to Glorious casualty Herbert May, and recently donated by his family.
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*Naval Heritage Centre Update*

The city's naval heritage hub has temporarily closed for a "period of consolidation".
The Devonport Naval Heritage Centre (DNHC) is having to free up space for when South Yard becomes a marine enterprise zone.
The centre, in Devonport, records the development of The Dockyard and Plymouth's role in supporting the Navy and will also be loaning some items for the £34million History Centre, set to open in 2020.
Due to concerns from visitors, the centre off Granby Way has insisted it is not closing permanently, but simply going through "a few moves and consolidation," driven by the City Deal.

A contract was signed to transfer South Yard from the MOD to the council

A spokesman said: "We are taking on a new research and records storage facility, taking on additional buildings adjacent to the submarine Courageous in the dockyard, and moving a lot of items and collections around, hence the pause in what we offer to the public.
"We do however aim to be back up and running for our next open day towards the end of July.
"We are actively engaged with the History Centre, and whilst we will have some items on loan at the North Hill site when it opens, we will be maintaining the bulk of the collection at the DNHC.
"We are also moving ever closer to the National Museum of the Royal Navy, which is based in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, which will benefit all of us."
DNHC offers about six open day events a year. The last one was held on Monday, May 30 and themed 'Jutland 100'.

A selection of figureheads on display at the museum

This attracted almost 600 visitors, which included the main site, Courageous and riverfront trips by boat.
The DNHC team will also be manning a stand throughout the Armed Forces Weekend later this month.
"We are still accepting pre-arranged tours for small groups of people," said the spokesman, "but in smaller numbers due to the consolidation we are going through.
"There will be no change to what we currently advertise, but we explaining to those who contact us that we are reducing numbers and numbers of groups that we can host."
The centre is having to down size its footprint to facilitate the release of building to the council as part of the City Deal programme.
As part of the deal, the South Yard is set to become a marine industrial hub.

Re-opening of HMS Courageous at HMNB Devonport

Earlier this week the UK's only nuclear-powered museum submarine had a ceremonial re-launch in Plymouth Naval Base.
Former head of the Royal Navy Admiral Sir Jonathon Band cut the ribbon to the face-lifted Cold War submarine to herald the next milestone in its career as a tourist attraction and a newly-announced part of the National Museum of the Royal Navy's (NMRN) heritage collection.
Courageous has been open 14 years and attracted 300,000 visitors having been transformed by volunteers from a retired shell to a fascinating museum and tribute to Royal Navy submariners.