The Association/ Membership

HMS Glorious, Ardent & Acasta Association (GLARAC)

Is dedicated to perpetuate the proud memory of the 1531 officers and men of HMS Glorious, Ardent & Acasta who lost their lives in the Norwegian Sea on 8th June 1940 and the few that survived.
To act as the focal point for the survivors, former crew members, their relatives and all relatives and friends of those who lost their lives.
To act as a focal point for all those interested in the history of the 3 ships and the events that led to their sinking.
To organise social gatherings and an annual memorial service at St Nicholas Church, HMS Drake, Devonport, on the nearest weekend to 8th June.
To organise other appropriate gatherings and memorials to the events of 8th June 1940.

Membership of GLARAC/ Donations

Membership is free. We do not charge subscriptions nor membership fees. The association operates on a voluntary donation basis, which goes to meet the cost of postage, events, merchandise etc; and of course has been used to fund the permanent memorials.
Should anyone wish to join the Association and/ or anyone wishing to make a donation, please contact our Hon. Chairman/ Treasurer, David Emery at the following address. Thank you.

David Emery MBE
"Alisios", 2a. Castleton Road,
Stoke on Trent,



In June 2000, a supposedly one off memorial service in Plymouth was organised by a small group of relatives to mark the 60th anniversary of the loss of HM ships Glorious, Ardent and Acasta off Norway on June 8th 1940.
Such was the success of that event, that a second event was held the following year, primarily to dedicate the unveiling of a memorial plaque at St Nicholas' Church on the Naval Base at Devonport, that would become a permanent memorial to the 1531 men lost with the three ships.
From that point on, the success of these events and interest generated amongst an ever increasing number of relatives, led in turn to the founding of the association in 2002. The association became known as GLARAC, taken from the first two letters of each of the ships
and under the safe chairmanship of David Woodcock, who's father had been lost with Glorious, GLARAC continued to thrive.
David's reign as Chairman would last until June 2011 when he felt the time was right to step down and new blood be introduced at the helm.
During his time, David tireless efforts, together with his dedicated committee, would see further memorials unveiled at The National Aboretum in Staffordshire, Malta and Norway in time for the 70th anniversary in June 2010.